It's not just the habit of attributing your failure to being stupid that holds you back but also the habit of attributing your success to being smart. - Alfie Kohn

Stop multitasking, try the Pomodoro technique - Ignite talk

A short story on working in pairs. 

Culture, Engagement, and Retention is now the NUMBER ONE problem of companies around the world- Deloitte survey

198 papers on behavioral finance by one guy: Victor Ricciardi - impressive.

Michael Mauboussin on the value of luck in business - video.

Is nature losing the fight against humanity? Not really - in fact nature is bouncing back pretty well, says Jesse Ausubel of Rockefeller University.

Alfie Kohn on the dangers of extrinsic rewards

Should prostitution be legalized? An evidence-based review of the literature shows that legalization is overall beneficial for sex workers. 

I thought the war on drugs was responsible for much of the US prison population, but I was wrong. The war on drugs has failed miserably, but prison populations are caused by other larger factors. 

How SoundCloud migrated to microservices and cut out a ton of waste in their processes - great stuff. 

How US gun laws (and results) compare to the rest of the world

Predictocracy - a book on how prediction markets will help us all make better decisions.

Adam Grant on friendship at work.

Shall We Vote on Values but Bet on Beliefs? - an exploration of using market mechanisms to govern institutions by Robin Hanson.

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