Scientists consciously attempt to isolate causal factors, while one powerful characteristic of evolution is that it proceeds without conscious intervention. 
         - Jim Manzi

Manuel Lima: Visualizing Networks - TED talk

Zara doesn't forecast demand, they respond to it. - Slate article

The Remarkable Power of the Monte Carlo method

Doug Hubbard interview on reducing uncertainty in decisions. 

Is the FDA Too Conservative or Too Aggressive? - by Alex Tabarrok

Science Isn't Broken, it's Just Hard - a piece by Christie Aschwanden of, including a truly fantastic app that lets you search for political causation (unfortunately, 538 have their own biases and are not neutral). 

Does the NFL combine analysis predict future performance? Pretty well, says Bill Lotter. Not at all, says Frank Kuzmits.

An important contributor to team effectiveness is informal communication - HBR article

More unnecessary surgery, this time for breast cancer - NY Times article

Have symptoms? Don't call a doctor, just go to

Remember DDT?  We banned it. We shouldn't have. 

A meta-meta-analysis of what works and what doesn't in education (the US mostly does what has already been proven not to work). 

Wow: Augur is a distributed prediction market that will be very hard to shut down

The Mouse Trap - how one strain of mouse is probably skewing our medical research in the wrong direction. Important. 

Publication Bias and Motivated Reasoning - Scilogs piece

First metastudy I've seen on climate projections indicates only a modest rise predicted for global temperature. 

The Myth of the Great Man in Science - MIT Review piece

Wow: a Thinkmap tool to visualize the millions of relationships among thousands of genes. Drive it now! 

Chris Cancialosi on why your financials should be transparent. 

Stowe Boyd on The Future of Work - many pieces

The Fehr Advice Behavioral Change matrix - changing behavior rather than minds.

How one startup got rid of email, meetings, and bosses - and thrived.

Did you know: The diamond engagement ring is a completely made-up marketing scam?

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