Seventy Percent of Employees are Disengaged at Work

If that doesn't make you lose sleep at night, you've come to the wrong web site. We're here to help managers close the gap between perception and reality, empower employees, and build values and processes that will transform their companies from "push" to "pull" cultures. 

Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

Many companies are still focused on the "what," rather than the "how" of business. To learn how culture is replacing strategy, read David Siegel's major work on the new lean/agile corporate culture: The Culture Deck on 

Ten Signs Your Company Needs a Culture Checkup

1. You're doing employee performance reviews and taking them seriously. 
2. You are paying employees and managers according to personal or company performance. 
3. If the CEO were to die tomorrow, your stock price would tank. 
4. Your HR department screens resumes. 
5. You are "managing by objectives" and quoting Jim Collins' books.
6. You are using project-management software to keep track of projects
7. Your c-level team has corner offices. 
8. Managers never take customer-service calls.
9. You know exactly what the people who work for you are doing at any one time.
10. The term "phase two" comes up often. 

If your company has three or more of these symptoms, you need a culture audit

Does Your Culture Support Pull or Push?

Watch this video to learn what kinds of managers naturally create pull or push companies: 

This 5-minute video describes Philip Tetlock's concept of Hedgehogs and Foxes - two kinds of people who try to predict the future. Learn the difference to create a culture of Pull. 

Are You Hiring for Agility?  

This video explores the new world of workforce science, which uses evidence rather than intuition, to improve hiring and management. 

Do Your Tactics Support Pull or Push?

Read this amazing book and discover that the tradeoffs you face in business are completely unnecessary. Learn about happy, engaged employees and how much more delighted your customers could be. People at Menlo Innovations work 40-hour weeks, integrate family and work life, rarely use e-mail, move their desks often, and stay for many years. It all starts with a first interview, where you are screened for your kindergarten skills. Read the book and get inspired!

Systems Outperform Individuals

More and more studies show that simple rules have higher success rates than individual judgment. This is often true, even when the "experts" have 30+ years of experience, and even when they have access to the rule-based recommendations! Experts tend to think they are right and will override the algorithm, thinking they know best, but algorithms usually win a larger percentage of the time. Algorithms have already disrupted Wall Street (70% of all trades are now made by machine), and they are proving valuable in medicine, psychology, programming, economic forecasting, banking, and many other sectors. A good system reduces the need for managers and specialists, which reduces the risk of human bias and error. Learn about our consulting services, and let's talk about how your company can enter the 21st century with a pull strategy.

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Each month we feature an infographic that helps understand the world from an evidence-based perspective. This month we present an amazing video of indiginous people's lands taken by the US Government over time. Produced by (Click the above link to see the video)

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