Meetings in organizations often take the appearance of searching for design proposals and evaluating proposals presented. But in fact proposals have usually been selected beforehand, and the meeting is to create an appearance of support for them, and for the story presented about who deserves credit. - Robin Hanson

Now we know at least one preschool program that doesn't help kids in later school years. Are there others? 

Remember that big hole in the ozone layer we managed to patch up by getting rid of CFC molecules? It probably had nothing to do with CFCs and is just natural variance. 

Does divestment work? No, says a big piece in the New Yorker. 

What I Learned about Climate Change: The Science is not Settled - David Siegel

How Tony Hsieh manages email - smart

Will Evans does it again - another awesome slide deck on culture and process. 

Wikis for law firms - yes, lawyers can change! 

The Open Organization - a smart book on building 21st century companies by Philip Foster (here's a sample chapter)

An OECD research paper on the growing gap between today's most productive companies and the rest of the pack

Sam Shank tracked every minute of every day for a month and learned how to change his schedule to be more productive. 

Managing without a Road Map at Google - by Rita King

Multicriteria Attribute Analysis - a manual for decisionmaking at large institutions

At Buffer, they hire for culture fit, not technical capability.

How the Zappos switch to Holocracy went down - New Republic

Finland's education system is one of the best in the world without rules or academics for young children - The Atlantic

Should you use Slack or another special-purpose tool for project-based messages, or simply fix your broken inbox with Turing Email? - Tell me what works for you.

The Buffer Culture Deck 

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