John Perry's excellent essay on Structured Procrastination.

Yes, 65 percent of megaprojects really do fail

Robin Hanson summarizes Byron Sharp's amazing book, How Brands Grow, turning traditional marketing on its head using evidence and measurement. Bottom line: people randomly go from brand to brand much more than we think! 

How one startup switched from SCRUM to Kanban and now everyone is happy. 

Erika Hall on how to spend $300 and get priceless information about your customers before designing your minimum viable product. 

How development agencies can become more like labs, less like bureaucracies - NYT article (paywalled)

DNA evidence only works if you get it from the person who committed the crime. New work suggests we often don't. 

The IDoneThis guide to daily standup meetings - improve your productivity and communication in a flat organization with a daily standup. 

Is there value in sending kids to preschool and kindergarten? A new Stanford study shows compelling evidence that skipping kindergarten is better for kids, and the effects last at least until age 11.

What separates a good CEO from a bad CEO? Several new studies point to the ultimate influence: luck

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