How to conduct economic experiments. is a cool decision-making tool. It's not range voting, but it uses the basic principles. 

An amazing essay, The Return of Nature, by Jesse Ausubel

Luck is not something you can mention in the presence of self-made men.
   - E. B. White

Deloitte Canada's Future of Work study.

NOBL's Future of Work collective knowledge center - amazing!

Your brain does not process information and it's not a computer, says a well-written article.  

Maybe not, but we will be able to download our brains into computers someday, maybe soon, says Robin Hanson

Four myths bosses continue to believe about employee engagement - Fast Company

Storytelling is powerful. It can easily be used against us, and we don't have good defenses - Harold Jarche

What if we wrote legal contracts the way we write code? (What if legal contracts were code?)


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