Doctors can make fewer patients sick by washing their hands - metastudy.

A list of ideas for improving meetings, by NOBL. 

How total agreement takes you in the wrong direction: The Abilene Paradox

Do women's menstrual cycles syncronize when they live together? No - another correlation-is-not-causation myth bites the dust. 

Get the latest on the decentralization movement at the blog

Learn more about yourself through the use of small data

Not to be confused with the above, I highly recommend reading Martin Lindstrom's insightful book, Small Data

Air BnB "redefines" their HR department to refocus on the employee experience

Celeste Headlee: How to have a Good Conversation - TED talk.

How to invest using the Kelly criterion. 

Are index funds hurting the economy and distorting prices? A New Yorker article shows they are

Beyond Budgeting's paper on self-management - get it! 

Codex: a legal scripting language for the decentralized web, and a good way to think about smart contracts. 

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